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Home Improvement, Maintenance And Repair

Do you need to fix a leak, paint a wall, maybe change a light fixture or just finally put that Honey Do List to rest, Let Houben's Handyman Service help you Contact us today FOR ALL YOUR FIX-IT-NEEDS !


Houben's Handyman Service can help complete odd jobs you haven’t had time to finish, or start. From patching drywallinstalling doors, and flower boxes to getting help hanging Christmas decorations and changing light bulbs that are hard to reach, our handyman services are your solution for completing odd jobs in and around the house.

Many odd jobs surface both inside and outside of your home. This work is often the minor home repair or help you’ve needed but weren’t quite sure who to call. That could mean help organizing your garage or even making your home more handicap-friendly by installing railings and upgrading lighting.  For help repairing drywall, assembling furniture, hanging mirrors or making your child’s room more organized, make just one call to us.


Seniors who want to age gracefully in their own homes may find that simple home modifications will improve their quality of life, reduce opportunities for accidents, and extend the period of time they can spend living independently. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, nearly half of all injuries among seniors occur in the home. HHS can handle those small jobs and help you to continue to live at home, safely and confidently. Here are some of the services we perform:


Bathrooms continue to top homeowners’ lists of popular rooms to remodel—and for good reason. As more people are carefully investing in their homes rather than selling, they realize the value of a bath reno extends beyond enjoying new decor. Per Remodeling magazine’s 2014-2015 Cost vs. Value Report, midrange bath remodels get a 70% return on investment—even higher in certain regions or neighborhoods. That means if you spend the national average of $16,634 to remodel, you will not only enjoy a new bath, but you’ll also recoup $11,643 or more when you sell. (And having an updated bath just might give you a seller’s edge in a slow market.)


For flooring installation or tile installation in Sudbury, leave it to the flooring experts at Houben's Handyman Service to put your project on solid ground. We pride ourselves on offering timely work, affordable pricing and a high level of service and professionalism for your flooring and tiling requirements.

Before work begins, we offer you detailed up-front pricing. Flooring and tiling can be a big job, but throughout the process we aim to cause the least possible disruption to you as the homeowner, and ensure that work is completed on-time and on-budget. If your old floor needs a refresh, we also offer floor repair, staining and refinishing services for your surfaces.


There are many rooms in a house that you can beautify, but few have as much impact as the kitchen. Let’s face it, the kitchen is the heart of the house. It’s where we cook, we eat, we gather, we do dishes, we tell stories and where we share laughs. A beautiful, and updated kitchen can help guests and family members feel more comfortable and at ease. You may even find your family congregating more in the beautiful surroundings.  The team at Houben's Handyman Service will remove your existing kitchen, appliances and tiles if required and install your new custom designed kitchen for you. Houben's Handyman Service is dedicated to helping you find the very best and most affordable kitchen, renovation materials and resources.


A lot of work goes into keeping your deck beautiful. Staining, power-washing, water-resistant treatments, deck repairs—these are all important maintenance items for sustaining home value. We specialize in ALL deck maintenance that protects this valuable addition to your home.

Houben's Handyman Service can repair decks damaged by water, bugs and general wear and tear in just one call. We make short, efficient work of both deck repairs and even a deck installation.  We can repair damaged boards, tighten loosened screws while performing common deck maintenance such as staining. And when it comes to your family, proper deck repairs, such as fixing broken boards or joists prevent serious safety hazardous.


If you’re looking for extra space to expand your home and haven’t considered the basement, you’re missing out on the possibilities of this perennially underrated room. Long relegated to use as little more than laundry rooms and storage areas, basement remodeling can enable everything from guest suites to media rooms. Try these ideas to turn your lowest room from a cold, dark afterthought into a warm, inviting centerpiece. There is no need to call in over priced Home Renovation Services. Houben's Handyman Service has you covered.


We can help install and build a variety of customized carpentry projects. From building bookcases to crown molding installation, our professional carpentry services do it all in one call.

In many cases, homeowners are stuck calling a different handyman for hire to finish each project they need completed. Rather than going through the hassle of coordinating all these independent handymen, we can handle every project, and you can rest assured it will be completed on time and done right.



Is your home maintenance “To Do” list a mile long? If so, it’s time to call  Houben's Handyman Service! Completing your “To Do” list takes only one call. From replacing grout in the bathroom to installing a fan in the attic, we can tackle both the small and large projects on your list. Call us today for Houben's Handyman and Home Renovation services

Office & Facilities

Running your business is tough enough, let alone the frequent maintenance of your office environment so that it remains looking professional and is safe for your employees. If you manage a small office or retail location in the Greater Sudbury Area, add Houben's Handyman Service to your speed dial. We’ll provide you with facilities maintenance services that will keep your place of business running smoothly.

HHS Handy Helper

Book a HHS Handy Helper to lend a hand! Whether it’s rearranging furniture, building a garden, or moving heavy stuff, our friendly and experienced helpers are at your service. They are happy to help with all your simple household tasks that do not require tools. (Rates are $35/hour)

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